Biochar in polymer, cement, asphalt and concrete

On July 14th Carbon Standards International took part on the workshop of European Biochar Industry Consortium. The subject was “biochar in materials”. 

The application of biochar in materials as polymer, cement, asphalt and concrete. The material properties are maintained or even improved by the application. Furthermore, fossil ingredients are replaced and a carbon removal is generated. 

Together with Carbonfuture and well-known representatives of the industry, questions were discussed such as how the persistence of these carbon removals will be defined in the future, what influence the recycling cycle has on the persistence (end-of-life), which regulations and standards are relevant to be allowed to use biochar in materials and if there is a need for a new terminology for “biochar” to gain a better understanding in this industrial sector and by regulators. 

Carbon Standards International will continue to work actively on this topic in order to be able to expand its European Biochar Certificate (EBC) C-sink standard to include these applications in the near future.

Carbon Standards International - 15 July 2022