The Carbon Sink Registry ensures transparency at all levels

The Carbon Sink Registry ensures transparency at all levels

Our services are designed to implement lasting climate protection measures that are rooted in a solid scientific foundation. This includes, in particular, our carbon sink services, which capture CO2 from the air and hold it in sinks over the long term.

The Carbon Sink Registry sets new standards in the public presentation of the realised carbon sink values and their persistence. In this way, we ensure transparency at all levels and provide security for those who purchase carbon sinks from our partners.

Carbon sinks are a valuable climate protection measure

A valuable climate protection measure utilised today is, for instance, carbon sink performance based upon the European Biochar Certificate (EBC). Since 2020 EBC-certified biochar producers have the option of having the carbon sink potential of their biochar output certified. As soon as the biochar is admixed to agricultural substrates such as feed, compost, slurry and fertiliser or to durable materials such as concrete, resins or plastics, the carbon sink potential can be converted into carbon sink certificates. These realised carbon sinks are entered in the register.

Use our carbon sink register

Become our partner and use our carbon sink register to publicise the sink performance you have achieved in your projects. We ensure that the carbon sinks you have realised are presented transparently and are made visible in the register for at least the duration of your project.

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