World-Climate Farm Standard

World-Climate Farm Standard

The World Climate Farm Standard provides a basis for calculating a farm’s climate performance and evaluating its impact. Because of the large number of contributing factors and the issues involved in assessing them scientifically, calculating a farm’s carbon footprint may appear at first glance to be a complex task. Our World Climate Farm Tool provides you with a simple means of applying the scientific principles behind our World Climate Farm Standard to your own farm.

In our World Climate Farm Standard we place particular emphasis on the subject of humus and greenhouse gas emissions. The build-up of humus in the soil has a decisive beneficial impact on a farm’s carbon footprint. If greenhouse gas emissions can also be minimised and active steps are taken to reduce emissions, a positive carbon footprint for a sustainably managed farm can be achieved.

Benefit to customer

The World Climate Farm Standard enables you to assess your farm using the World Climate Farm Tool and to put appropriate measures in place if needed. The scientific basis and the relevant publications mean that the credibility and acceptance of the standard are high.

World-Climate Farm standard and guideline


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