Production of biochar

Production of biochar

Production of biochar goes far beyond the borders of Europe with industrial pyrolysis plants. The World Biochar Certificate (WBC) guidelines were developed based on the EBC guidelines and therefore still include the strict quality requirements that are scientifically based. Requirements based on European legislation, found in the EBC guidelines, are not present in the WBC guidelines.

By producing biochar according to the WBC guidelines, the procurement and use of ecologically sustainable biomass are ensured, as well as a carbon-positive production that complies with national emission limits. The quality of the biochar is checked at least annually. Depending on the certification class, biochar can be used in agriculture or in materials applications.

Benefit to customer

Biochar produced according to the World Biochar Certificate guidelines meets all requirements for sustainable production with a positive climate and environmental balance. The WBC guidelines demonstrate compliance with the latest scientific knowledge. The safe and ecologically sustainable use of biochar can be guaranteed through the certification.

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