Initial advice for manufacturers, processors and traders

Initial advice for manufacturers, processors and traders

Modern pyrolysis equipment and methods enable biochar to be produced in an energy-efficient manner from many sorts of biomass without polluting the environment. The European Biochar Certificate (EBC) enables you to undertake economic production of the required quantities of biochar for materials for industry, forestry and agriculture.

We are happy to provide comprehensive free advice before you start.

We receive many questions about choosing the right pyrolysis system. Our producers and partners have European Biochar Certificate (EBC) pyrolysis system certification which guarantees the technical basis and provides you with a straightforward introduction to the manufacture of sustainable European Biochar Certificate (EBC) products.

Benefit to customer

Together you work out an easy way in which you can approach the manufacture of European Biochar Certificate (EBC) biochar, feed char or materials. You learn more about the standard, the appropriate procedure and the market opportunities, including the carbon sink potential of your manufactured European Biochar Certificate (EBC) products.


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