Initial audit for producers

Initial audit for producers

Before you commence production of European Biochar Certificate (EBC) biochar, we recommend that you perform an initial audit. Our experts visit your site either in person or via video conferencing and assess your facilities and situation with you.

The situation identified in the initial audit will be documented in an audit report that is delivered to you online on the day of the audit. Upon request we can add the necessary information to your operating manual, although it is not usually possible to do this on the same day.

We are then happy to go through the procedures and necessary steps with you so that you know exactly what you need to pay attention to when registering your production batches and carbon sink potentials. The taking of samples in your works and the efficient and cost-effective handling of laboratory analyses are other issues that we shall be pleased to discuss and define with you.

Benefit to customer

After this initial audit you have a complete operating manual and can successfully start manufacturing European Biochar Certificate (EBC) products in your facilities. If any non-compliant aspects are identified during the audit, these can be remedied before you begin.


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