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Carbon Standards International AG

Your partner for climate, biochar, European Biochar Certificate (EBC), climate-neutral agriculture and industry, carbon sinks and World-Climate certification.

Carbon Standards International AG develops standards, strategies and system solutions for climate-neutral agriculture and industry. With our standards and guidelines, we and our partners audit and certify your valuable climate performance. You can use our tools to analyse and improve your own carbon cycles. Our climate certificates enable you to obtain financial recognition for your climate services from third parties.

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Customer Success Manager 80-100 %
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Expert Environment/Climate 80-100 %
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E-learning to become an EBC accredited sampler
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Presentation on the 2nd Artisan C-sink Webinar on 17 February 2023

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Presentations of the Artisan C-Sink webinar on 12 December 2022 

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Presentations and video of the EBC webinar on 16 February 2022 

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