Global Tree C-Sink: Pre-Release and public consultation

Global Tree C-Sink: Pre-Release and public consultation

The Global Tree C-Sink standard is a novel certification guideline for the reliable quantification and adequate valuation of climate services generated by living plant biomass in either new plantations or natural afforestation. With Global Tree C-Sink, we expect an epochal shift in the fight against climate change, which is why we have also integrated biodiversity criteria into the standard.

When there are dozens of tree standards already in place, why would we write a new one? Well, check the following points that distinguish our Global Tree C-Sink standard from all others:

  • Single Tree Tracking: The standard accounts for CO2 that each tree removes from the atmosphere annually. We only certify carbon that was measured and, thus, really mitigates climate change.

  • Carbon Registry: The annual amount of carbon stored in each tree and forest is registered in a Global Carbon Register providing transparency and allows for tracking progress over time.

  • Register Today’s Action not Future Promises: We measure, certify, and register the annual climate action of trees and forests. We do not certify promises of future growth or happiness.

  • Monitoring Growth with annual on-site inspection: Monitoring the location and growth of each tree ensures that the trees are thriving and contributing to the environment as certified.

  • Annual Tree Health Checks: Regular checks to confirm that each tree is healthy, still standing, and growing are vital for maintaining the integrity of the climate effects.

  • Promoting Mixed Forests: To prevent the development of monocultures, only mixed forests with controlled enhancement of biodiversity can be certified ensuring forests, which are more resilient and ecologically beneficial.

  • Preservation of Native Tree Species: A fixed rate of native tree species must be integrated into the plantations.

  • Prohibition of Clear-Cutting: The standard explicitly prohibits clear-cutting practices to ensure sustainable forest management and preservation of ecosystems.

The Global Tree C-Sink standard demonstrates a comprehensive approach to sustainable forestry and climate change mitigation. This holistic approach not only addresses the environmental aspects but also ensures the maintenance of biodiversity and ecological balance, making it a promising option for those seeking an effective and trustworthy tree standard.

Trees and forests are essential components of the climate system. They influence global carbon fluxes, impact regional climate patterns, and are home to a significant portion of the world’s biodiversity. Depending on the forest definition, the global forest cover ranges from 2.8 billion ha to 4.1 billion ha, which is more than 30% of the Earth's surface.

We have already updated the Pre-Release of the Global Tree C-Sink to version 0.9 and are continuing the public consultation process for expert input and feedback. Please send your inputs to

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You can find more information and necessary documents in this section:

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