Certification of pyrolysis systems

Certification of pyrolysis systems

Most of the traditional methods of producing charcoal and biochar are unsatisfactory in terms of their carbon efficiency and environmental impact and are therefore unsuitable for producing the quantities of biochar that industry and agriculture are likely to need.

As both the properties of the biochar and the environmental footprint of its production are largely dependent on the technical management of the pyrolysis and the type of biomass used, a secure system for the production and analysis of biochar had to be introduced.

We work with various manufacturers of pyrolysis equipment and are constantly improving the equipment with them. With our certification of pyrolysis systems you can reliably demonstrate to your customers that your system meets the stringent standards of the European Biochar Certificate (EBC).

We supply a European Biochar Certificate (EBC) for your systems on the basis of a technical audit and inspection report.

Benefit to customer

As a certified manufacturer you will be listed on our website and receive a European Biochar Certificate (EBC) for your systems. It is to be expected that new European Biochar Certificate (EBC) producers and processors will increasingly contact EBC-certified equipment manufacturers as their first port of call.


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