Carbon Standards International AG is founded

Carbon Standards International AG to be new hub for EBC biochar, climate services and carbon sinks sector

The EASY-CERT group AG, the Ithaka Institute and the European Biochar Industry Consortium have jointly established Carbon Standards International AG.

This provides a professional basis for keeping step with the rapid development of the European Biochar Certificate (EBC), continuing to provide you with high-quality EBC standards and guidelines, delivering the best certification services, extending certification packages to new sectors and shaping the anticipated development of the carbon sinks sector from a leading position.

Carbon Standards International AG will handle all operations concerning the EBC from 25 October 2021 onwards. The European Biochar Certification website and its tools remain active and can continue to be used to record production batches, samples and carbon sinks. Our team will contact you in a few days to assist in the smooth transition of the EBC to Carbon Standards International AG (CSI).  

The Ithaka Institute will be responsible for scientific issues within Carbon Standards International AG. As EBC members you will have new contact persons for day-to-day operations. However, Hans-Peter Schmidt and Dr Nikolas Hagemann will continue to be available as scientific contacts.

The European Biochar Industry Consortium (EBI) provides the vital interface between Carbon Standards International and industry. EBI is the leading industry federation promoting the development of a sustainable biochar and pyrolysis industry in Europe and worldwide.  

Carbon Standards International is a member of the EASY-CERT group of companies, a one-step provider of sustainable and socially responsible auditing and certification services. The EASY-CERT group employs more than 600 staff worldwide, with operations in more than 40 countries.