Video interviews with well-known industry personalities on EBC and certified biochar

As part of the Biochar Symposium 2022, Matthias Matzenberger, Chief Technical Officer with Carbon Standards International had the opportunity to interview various relevant personalities on the topic of EBC and certified biochar. Enjoy listening to the individual video interviews! 

The European Biochar Certificate (EBC) standard, originally founded by the Ithaka Institute, is embedded in the Carbon Standards International (CSI) portfolio. The EBC guidelines cover scientifically recognised methods for the production, processing and use of biochar in agriculture, forestry and industry and their upstream and downstream sectors. 

Interviewed people: 

  • Harald Bier, Head of Office bei European Biochar Industry Consortium (EBI) 
  • Kathleen Draper, Board Chair at International Biochar Initiative & Director of Ithaka Institute US 
  • Gerald Dunst, Geschäftsführer bei Sonnenerde GmbH 
  • Berta Moya, Carbon Removal Sourcing Manager bei Carbonfuture 
  • Marcel Eichler, Supply Manager bei Carbonfuture 
  • Nikolaus Wohlgemuth, Carbon Markets Expert bei Carbonfuture 
  • Peter Jossen, Präsident EASY-CERT group AG & Vertreter Carbon Standards International   
  • Christian Mulle, c-werk