Happy Birthday Carbon Standards

For the second time, Carbon Standards International AG is celebrating its birthday – an overview of our achieved milestones.

The positive developments and the goals already achieved are thanks to our valued customers, our network, our partners, and our team, who accompany and support us every day!

Our Team
Meanwhile, our team consists of more than 15 specialists in the fields of biochar, carbon removal, IT, administration, and marketing. We thank you for the trust you have placed in us!

Our Biochar Standards
In these first two years, we have continued to develop our EBC Standard (European Biochar Certificate) and, a few weeks ago, we released its counterpart, the WBC Standard (World Biochar Certificate) – EBC for the globe.    

Our Biochar Standards

Our C-Sink StandardsIn the field of carbon removal, alongside the EBC Carbon Sink Standard, the promising Global Artisan C-Sink Standard has been published. The Global Tree C-Sink Standard is a world-first and is set to be released in these days. We are very excited to introduce another standard to the market – we will keep you updated. More standards are in the pipeline.

Our C-Sink Standards

Our Tools
Our IT tools are also improving continuously. The World-Climate Farm Tool (WCFT) enables climate balancing for agricultural enterprises and operational groups. In addition to the Carbon Sink Register, we are currently developing a new Biochar Tool, which will replace the existing EBC Portal in the next few weeks to provide our customers with modern and user-friendly solutions. We will keep you updated. The Global C-Sink Tool enables a transparent and public presentation of validated and retired carbon sinks using blockchain technology, setting new standards for transparency.    

Our Tools

We are very excited to be able to offer you a unique package with our team, high-quality standards, comprehensive carbon sinks, and innovative tools. Together, we can continue to grow and evolve.