Maurizio Bormolini is Vice Overall World Cup Winner

Congratulations on a sensational racing season

Maurizio Bormolini is an exceptional Alpine World Cup snowboarder. Recently achieved a sensational feat by securing the second place in the FIS Overall World Cup and the Slalom discipline classification. His exceptional skills and unwavering determination have earned him the well-deserved title of Vice Overall World Cup Winner. 

This year, Maurizio joined the Global C-Sink Team and thus received the support of Carbon Standards International. We are proud to accompany him on his journey. 

Biochar snowboard proves its worth Moreover, Maurizio's outstanding performance is not only due to his talent but also to the innovative technology behind his snowboard. The Biochar snowboard, developed in collaboration with the Ithaka Institute using climate-positive nano-carbon technology (Global C-Sink), has proven its worth in official competitions. By incorporating micronized Biochar into the carbon fibers, this cutting-edge snowboard boasts improved dynamic properties, providing our athlete with the edge he needs to excel.