Production of biochar

Production of biochar

For more than two thousand years, charcoal and biochar have been one of civilisation's basic materials. Use the European Biochar Certificate (EBC) for the production of biochar and its processing and use.

The EBC guarantees that the biomass feedstock is sustainably procured and produced, emissions limits are adhered to and storage procedures are environmentally sound. All aspects of the biochar’s quality are monitored and documented, and all the limits for the various usage classes (agriculture, materials, other) are complied with in accordance with the applicable regulations. The certified biochar can be used – among other things – as a soil improver, as litter (bedding) material, as an additive in fermentation substrates, for effluent treatment, and as an additive in construction materials, plastics, paper, textiles and storage batteries.

Benefit to customer

Biochar that is produced in accordance with the standards of the European Biochar Certificate (EBC) meets all the requirements of sustainable production with a positive climate and environmental footprint. EBC certification demonstrates that your biochar complies with the applicable requirements for protection of the environment, users and soils. Certification guarantees that the biochar used in agriculture is safe and environmentally sustainable.


European Biochar Certificate guidelines on the sustainable production of biochar for agriculture



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