Carbon sink

Carbon sink

The European Biochar Certificate (EBC) is the first system to provide a method of certifying the carbon sink potential of biochar. This represents a crucial step towards the sustainable establishment of planetary carbon sinks.

The comprehensively enlarged Version 2.0 was published on 1 January 2021.

Since 2020, EBC-certified biochar producers can have the carbon sink potential of their biochar produce certified. Once the biochar is incorporated into agricultural substrates such as feed, compost, slurry and manure or into durable materials such as concrete, resins and plastics, the carbon sink potential can be converted into carbon sink certificates.

The carbon sink potential of a packaging unit of biochar is defined as the quantity of carbon it contains less the carbon released during production – i.e. all the emissions arising from the production of the biochar. It thus represents the complete carbon footprint of the biochar at the factory gate – that is, when leaving the production site.

Benefit to customer

The certificate that is issued enables you to offer and sell the carbon sink potential on an online marketplace. You can also use the certified quantity of CO2eq in your internal communication and as part of your farm’s positive carbon footprint.


We only certify the carbon that we can reliably measure, calculate and trace. All the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the establishment of the carbon sink are deducted from the carbon sink potential.



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