Global Artisan C-Sink contributes to global climate cooling

Carbon Standards International and Ithaka Institute developed and published a new standard, which will contribute significantly to a global climate cooling effect.

The Global Artisan C-Sink Standard allows the production of biochar on smallholder farmer level. Each farmer has the possibility to produce his own biochar and being paid for its important contribution for climate protection.

Carbon Standards and Ithaka Institute proudly announce the publication of a new standard which allows the combination of biochar production on smallholder farmer level with the registration of the Carbon-Sinks. This offers the possibility to the farmers to sell the C-Sink credits via already existing trading platforms.

The additional income which is generated through this pathway will help rural communities to improve their family incomes and make them a strategic pillar of mankinds decarbonization efforts on a global scale.

The standard is already being used in existing projects

Here you can find the Global Artisan C-Sink Standard   

Please find below the presentations of the webinar of 12 December 2022 and the video incl. presentation of our webinar of 17 February 2023.

Presentations from 12 December 2023

Presentations from 17 February 2023

Video of the webinar from 17 February 2023