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Standards and Services

We offer a wide range of services for positive carbon cycles. We work with you to enable your business to achieve a positive balance between the generation of greenhouse gases and the binding of carbon from the atmosphere, thereby cooling the climate.

Our European Biochar Certificate (EBC) guidelines cover scientifically recognised methods for the production, processing and use of biochar in agriculture, forestry and industry and their upstream and downstream sectors. We are seeing a steady expansion of the areas in which biochar and biochar-based products are used. The European Biochar Certificate (EBC) guidelines enable production, processing and use to meet the most up-to-date scientific standards.

Our requirements in the World Biochar Certificate (WBC) guidelines are based on the established tools and processes of the EBC guidelines and also rely on scientifically recognized methods for the production, processing, and use of biochar.

Our World Climate services cover the climate-friendly use of farmland and the production, processing and sale of food. Using the World Climate Farm Tool you can evaluate the situation on your farm, implement further climate measures if required and thus achieve a positive carbon footprint.

Our carbon sink services enable you to calculate and certify your positive climate performance in the form of carbon sinks. The CO2 equivalents that are bound as a result of your actions can be sold on a CO2 marketplace or receive public funding. Find out more in the description of our carbon sink services.